Review of Radical Year 3 **DaniGee**

My Year 3 has been a roller coaster ride! It has had some highs (new job, new car) and some lows (being diagnosed with cancer and my brother passing away). Through everything, I am so thankful for my God who has been with me through the good and the bad. I’m also so fortunate to be able to go through this journey with some of my closest friends. Even though we may not be close in distance, they are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Here’s my personal assessment of my year 3 goals.


  1. Find a new church home.

I visited a few church. I felt like Goldilocks. This church was too large. This church was too small. It seems as thought I couldn’t find the “just right’ church. After my brother passed, I was very pleased and grateful how my current church helped with the funeral arrangements and just pulled together. I will forever be grateful. I decided to rededicate myself to my church, not formally but I made a decision in my heart that I would make more of an effort to be a member and I feel as though I have greatly benefited from it.

 2. Gain more experience in event planning.

This radical year, I planned my mother’s 65th birthday part. I am currently planning my best friend’s baby shower and she has already requested that I plan her 30th birthday party. I put myself out there by offering my help to my Facebook family were stated that they were planning events. I plan on blogging more about planning ideas and events.

3. Create a business plan for my nonprofit.

I created a mission statement. I started but I never could get into it like I wanted. I know some of it was fear of actually completing and not applying the needed time. I’m not sure about this goal, but I will continue to hold on to my dream.

 4. Begin an online business.

I began my online business, I’ve done some selling through the online business. I haven’t pursued and marketed it like I would have liked to. I plan on to revive my site and add new items soon.

 5. Become a semi-vegetarian.

Fail. lol. I did look at recipes but the  recipes either seem complicated or included ingredients that I had not heard of or I knew that the supermarkets in my local cities would not have.

6. Continuing education in Mental Health.

Well, I was hired as a substance abuse therapist so I’ve definitely been getting some hands on experience.

 7. Develop my online blog.

Well, I wrote 4 articles for my personal blog. I would have like to have written more but it is a start. I also gained a few new followers. My goal for next year is to have a blog post weekly and to increase my fan base by 50%.


Still Pushing to Year 4,


  1. #1 by starsinhereye on September 11, 2014 - 2:33 pm

    I am proud not only of your accomplishments but on all you have overcome this year!
    Love you!

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