Why, Hello There Year Four~ Renee

So, I had a video recorded for both my wrap- up of my year three goals as well as my year 4 goals….BUT I am having some technical difficulties that hopefully Audrey will be able to assist me with…but I think it’s best to actually write out my year 4 goals so I can print them out and review them from time-to-time.

So….My focus this year is 365 day turn around.

I want a turn around in my finances, passion, mission and spiritual awakening.

1. Financial goals have somewhat eluded me since I started this journey back in 2011, but with a new baby on the way..with real grown up goals (owning my own business) on the horizon I am seriously going to have to tackle this thing right now. My husband and I were blessed with a wonderful opportunity, that if used correctly, can really help give us a wonderful jump start. Financially I would like to have a minimum of three months worth of paychecks in savings, open up a savings account for each of the boys and save money for an out-of-state trip with the boys (and mid-year anniversary getaway for me and the hubs). I also want to really look into investing and work towards having some form of an asset outside of my own paycheck by the end of this year.

2. Passion- I have a passion for helping people. I love being able to pour into people and support them as they accomplish their goals. That was the entire purpose for Heavenly Inspired Sisters-build a community of love and support for all women. I have talked a lot about this idea of getting more women connected to this purpose of global sisterhood but have been severely stalled on any real and immediate action. My goal this year is to really narrow the focus of that passion, create (or have someone create) a logo for this entity, launch some form of online communication (blog,vlog, facebook page) something to reach out beyond myself.

3. Mission- I believe that I need to focus on my mission field. I have been so blessed with a wonderful husband and children and I need to focus on how to build up my children and support my husband more. I have often talked about the guilt I face about being a working wife and mother. Trying to balance time between the two has been more difficult especially since I am now married. When it was Daniel and I just had to split my time between him and work. Now I have my husband, Daniel, Landyn and now…Lennon. Which Lennon is pretty easy because since I’m still pregnant we literally spend every single minute together LOL. But seriously, I believe the mission must first begin at home. In order for my family to be equipped for some of the craziness of the world, our home must be a safe place. I now work as a liaison between teens and schools. I get to hear some of the most unfiltered conversations teens have about really important issues. This insight has helped me so much because I get to hear in what areas parents are excelling and failing before my boys meet those milestones. It is helping me to hopefully cultivate a relationship where I can set appropriate, but not oppressive boundaries for the boys.

4. Spiritual Awakening- This past year was really amazing. So many ups and downs. The dissolution of my relationship with my father, the death of my young cousin, the loss of Baby Smith….Getting a new job..moving (twice) to bigger spaces for the boys, getting to spend time with my HIS girls, getting pregnant with Lennon…It’s been a wild ride. But spiritually I feel like I slept my way through most of the year. I rarely journaled, fell asleep during prayer, neglected to find a new church family..you name it I was just inconsistent with my entire walk. Which is really sad because that is the entire point of Rad7even. I learned  lot about myself emotionally last year and I realize my emotional life and spiritual life mirror one another. When I am stressed, sad, hurt I withdraw. I do that spiritually with God as well. When things don’t work out like I think..I tend to shut down. Instead of exposing those raw feelings to God..i hide them. I hide them out of guilt and fear. I feel bad for getting mad at Him…I am afraid of what the consequences of my anger will be..it’s just a weird space. But this year..I want to have an intimate relationship with my Father. I want to be able to bring every emotion to Him and not fear. I am working on my spiritual rebirth so to speak. Since leaving my home church, I’ve had some spiritual questions and I think I need to spend more time searching for His truth and not man’s ideas…

Those are my goals for year 4! Wish me luck

I got 4 on it!



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  1. #1 by starsinhereye on September 19, 2014 - 3:57 pm

    Good luck on the new year! I know you can set what you put your mind to! Love you!

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