The plans of mice and men-Renee


Lennon’s birthday is coming up, I have no clue when God and he will decide for him to make his entrance but I’ve been working hard on making his arrival as peaceful and loving as possible. 
I’ve prayed,studied my affirmations, continued to practice my lessons from hypnobirthing and was feeling super peaceful until. …yesterday.  during my 37th week check up the doctor said Lennon still seemed high in the birth canal and he wanted to do an ultrasound at the next visit because he’s seen some “surprise” breech babies.
Wait.what? To my knowledge he’s been head down since my 4d ultrasound in October. Could he have changed?  This means a c section right?
I left the doctor confused. I mean I’ve never had surgery so that scared me, but worst of all I never saw me seperated from Lennon. After i had Daniel he was placed on my chest and I was able to keep him with me the entire stay. I was shooting for a non medicated birth little to no intervention.  So…this made me sad. More than sad, I was afraid.

I realize now that regardless of the path to get Lennon here it’s important that we do it safely. I don’t want to go into  his birth afraid regardless of the type of birth. He can still sense my stress and my anxiety.

God tells us do not be afraid. From what I’ve been told it’s in the Bible 365 times (one for everyday of the year), I personally haven’t counted but I think that’s pretty cool if it set up that way..
Fear is not real, we imagine all these horrible scenarios that may or may not happen. And honestly even if the something bad happens it’s amazing to me how God’s grace covers you and empowers you.
I’ve had issues, pains and losses i thought I would not recover from abd I stand. trusting God for a peaceful birth, a wonderful welcoming of my second born (third total) and for God to guide all doctors and nurses that we will come in contact with.

In God’s Hands

  1. #1 by starsinhereye on December 17, 2014 - 3:55 pm

    God will take care of you and your son! It will be an amazing birth no matter what happens!
    Love you!

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