I’m Sorry~Audrey

I am sorry for my part in our schism in college. Nothing is a one way street. Neither one of us acted with the other’s best interest at heart. One of the biggest things is that we were both lied to by an outside force. I forgive you for your part in it and I am sorry for mine. I have a million reasons and excuses but I won’t bother with them. This isn’t about making me feel better, but letting you know that I see what I did. I truly hope your life is going well and that you and your child are as happy as can be.
For all the men that I wronged, I am sorry for when I was stupid, when I was hurting, when I wasn’t in my right mind. I won’t lob bullets but say I am sorry for my inappropriate reactions to things you did.
I am sorry to my current friends who I stand up or need help from. I know you love me anyway. I do really wish that I didn’t have to ask so much of you.
I am sorry that I haven’t accepted any apology that I felt wasn’t for me but that I thought that was just to make people feel better. I am also sorry that these apologies don’t mean that this is time to walk back into my life. God led me to cut you off for a reason but I am sorry when I did not handle it correctly.
I am sorry for a lot. But here I write my words and let them fly away. God asks for confession of my sins and then he forgives me. Here is my confession even if some of you will never read them.

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