Changes Coming My Way ~Venus

Hello everyone! The title of this post is pretty much my life right now. I’ll be moving soon within my apartment complex. The building I currently live in, will be renovated soon. I’ll be moving to another building living w/ new roommates. I really don’t want to move but I have no choice. =( In September of last year, I moved within my apartment complex to another building (the building I live in now) because of renovations. I hate that I have to move again.

In the fall, I plan on moving again but to a different apartment complex. The rent is going up (in the fall) to $420 in the apartments I currently live in  & I can’t afford to pay that amount. That’s the main reason why  I’m moving. I don’t believe in living beyond my means.  I plan on visiting  apartments in my area soon. I saw a few apartments in Apartment Finder that are within my budget for rent.

My primary job is ending in May. The dining hall I work in will be closed for the summer. So I have to find a job for the summer. I was thinking about working at my second job (I’m a housekeeper at a hotel) full time as an option. I’m not sure if I can rely on that job by itself just for the summer. I really would like to find a job that pays more so I can leave my primary job. I’m ready for a change of scenery.

The way that my circumstances are right now, I feel like I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone (in a way). It wasn’t my intention to move in the fall but I think it’s the best thing for me to do. I’m trying to save money for a car & to pay  for an apartment for the fall. I have quite a bit of things that I have to figure out. :-/

God bless!


P.S. I enjoyed Spring Break last week. I was off from my primary job but I worked at my second job on last Saturday & Sunday. It felt good to rest. I work during the week so I was happy to have some time off. I pretty much stayed at home w/ the exception of working my second job.  I volunteered last Friday. It’s been a while since I volunteered so I was happy that I was able to that for a few hours.

Written Tuesday 3/31/15

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