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Reeee-jected **DaniGee**


Happy Sunday Radicalnites!!

I love my friends. I thank God everyday for there  being there for me and providing me loads of encouragement, sometimes on a daily basis. I also enjoy our real conversations. I know that when we ask each other for opinions, it’s not going to be a watered down version. We love each other too much to be anything but real each others. During one of our weekly convos, one of my friends stated that she had went on an interview and she had got rejected from a job. Her words were, I don’t like the feeling that comes from being rejected.

Who does? I am sure beekeepers doesn’t like to get stung by their moneymakers or I am sure that supermodels doesn’t like tripping in 5 inch stilettos. However, that’s life. Rejection is a part of life. Sometimes, people get rejected on a daily basis. Rejection is just like everything else in life. You can look it 1 or 2 ways. You can see it as a personal failure and that nothing ever is going to go your way or you can see it the way I see ( or at least try to or after a few days of moping), which is a stepping stone.  We only need one yes. It may take 200 nos or no callbacks but it will happen. With every rejection, I want to learn something more about me. I want to know how I can improve on myself when the next opportunity comes.

NO, rejection doesn’t feel good but It is a necessary part of life. We have to go through some valleys in our lives to know how to handle ourselves when our blessings comes. It won’t always be peches and cream but it also won’t be thunderclouds and raindrops all the time either.

Keep Praying and know that God always have our best interest in mind.

Still Pushing,



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Serving God, Saving Orphans Part 2~Audrey

In my last post, I told you all about Bridges of Faith. I told you what we do and how we do it. But now I want to tell you the stories about these children. I want to tell you how my life has changed working here. So I present an array of pictures and stories to show you what Bridges of Faith is really all about.

11063754_918105812784_1955259061713858976_nAt Bridges of Faith, we get many sibling. Siblings are required to be adopted all together to keep the family connection. The two in the picture have a third brother (you you’ll see him later when we head to the McWane Science Center). Watching the boys playing with Lego was magical. Legos make everything better, even squabbling siblings. The amount of pure joy was great to be a part of and still touches me when I look at this photo. They were so happy while they were here experiencing all kinds of adventures. I am privileged to have participated in that joy.

20405_917491159554_848575441207968056_nIn our down time (which there is truly not a lot of), we like to play games. At BridgeStone, we have ping pong and Foosball tables (and, yes, I do feel like I’m an episode of Friends every time I play). I am absolutely horrible at ping pong but will join in Foosball games with the kids. We also play table top games . Jenga is a favorite of the kids, and they love to make building out of the block seeing how high they can go without falling. As you can see in the picture, they really get into Minion Operation. They over-concentrate and love when the buzzer goes off. The picture shows the older children playing happily with the younger ones. I loved seeing them get along with one another and being considerate of the younger ones.

10672376_919790736184_3445467615523589873_nWater sports was the game of choice and the children quickly learned the English word for “swimming”. We spent countless hours at the pool whether it was at Bridgestone or at other people’s houses. Many generous people threw pool parties and let us stay with them in their home while we were here. The children were figuratively fish in the water. This picture captures our kids in motion. Jumping, splashing and playing , they always had a great time. The day we went to the lake was amazing! We had a blast canoeing, swimming, and riding jet skis. The kids never had a better time.

10511108_917824661214_8632223771176358230_nBut swimming was just the beginning of our water fun. One of our amazing volunteers set up a ginormous slip-and-slide! They went head first, feet first, surfing and running down the plastic. To see these children enjoying the same thing I did as a child was for very emotional for me. These children live in an orphanage without enough workers to go around. They don’t get to do a lot of things that I got to enjoy as a child. But here they were slipping on soap and covered in grass having the time of their lives.

Water balloons was another experience we were able to share with the kids. This photo is golden because it shows the group effort it takes to serve these children. Not only are the children present, but you see 11541973_920487355154_7123272538960979440_nthe youth group that has come to camp to spend days with the children doing a variety of activities and learning Bibles stories. These volunteers clean the site and make food to share with the staff. They are integral to the program. They introduced a variety of games, and while they picked up on the water balloon fight, they didn’t really understand kick ball. The volunteers and children worked together to over come the language barrier and were able to participate in the game. Seeing the youth work with these children and around the camp with an open heart and a giant smile, really gave me hope for the future.

This post is getting long so I will tell you more stories next week! Stay tuned!

If you would like to find out more about Bridges of Faith please visits:
And if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to BOF in my name, please contact


It’s A Heart Issue-Renee’

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Whatever trials, tribulations, bad days and annoyances we face they are all brought to us or sanctioned by God to reveal the state of our hearts. You can say I believe such and such all day while the sun is shining, but what about when the storm hits. When the rain beats you down and you can’t see, or when something hits you right in your chest and you feel like you can’t breathe. …I’m talking about that kind of storm.

I’m in a storm and it’s difficult for me to process because.’s an issue close to my heart.  I struggled with the idea of love when I was younger,  because I saw vulnerability as a weakness. People will see what you care about the most and exploit that, that was my mindset. It took me having Daniel at 23 years of age to really truly love someone. He turned on a switch in my heart I just couldn’t flip off. He left me wide open emotionally…

With that being said, when something really hurts me…it cuts me deep. I mean to my core. Before I could shake things off easily because my level of care was surface at best,  so nothing truly affected me.

I just experienced and am experiencing a situation that is challenging me qt my core value. Since i started HER, I’ve been attacked in this very area if sisterhood.  Again, a heart issue. How can i honestly blog, post and write positive messages for women when right now another woman has hurt me?  This situation revealed what I need to turn over to God. I need to pray for her (not in the God please get her lol) but a deep felt God bless her, restore her, heal her…heal me, restore me. Wherever I’ve lacked or whoever I’ve hurt forgive me. If i see her, like I see me a soul who needs grace and forgiveness it puts this back in the right perspective.  It takes the focus off my feelings, my hurt and places them at my Father’s feet. I am by no means perfect, but through Him I’m loved perfectly and can reflect Him and his attributes.

My heart issue needed to be exposed so that I can become the woman God made.

I got off track, cried,  said a few (ok, ok) ALOT of cuss words lol but that’s ok. The point is, although I still feel wounded,  confused and just plain old sad…I don’t have to carry that with me. God said come to me all who are burdened and heavily laden and I will give you rest. Everyone’s burden is different.  Some it might be illnesses, some might be finances. ..for me i don’t know why, but my biggest issues always come from relationships. I’m going to ask God to reveal why I’m like 99% of the time attacked in this area, but whatever the reason….ive got to put my big girl panties on…and keep trucking

One leg at a time,