Reeee-jected **DaniGee**


Happy Sunday Radicalnites!!

I love my friends. I thank God everyday for there  being there for me and providing me loads of encouragement, sometimes on a daily basis. I also enjoy our real conversations. I know that when we ask each other for opinions, it’s not going to be a watered down version. We love each other too much to be anything but real each others. During one of our weekly convos, one of my friends stated that she had went on an interview and she had got rejected from a job. Her words were, I don’t like the feeling that comes from being rejected.

Who does? I am sure beekeepers doesn’t like to get stung by their moneymakers or I am sure that supermodels doesn’t like tripping in 5 inch stilettos. However, that’s life. Rejection is a part of life. Sometimes, people get rejected on a daily basis. Rejection is just like everything else in life. You can look it 1 or 2 ways. You can see it as a personal failure and that nothing ever is going to go your way or you can see it the way I see ( or at least try to or after a few days of moping), which is a stepping stone.  We only need one yes. It may take 200 nos or no callbacks but it will happen. With every rejection, I want to learn something more about me. I want to know how I can improve on myself when the next opportunity comes.

NO, rejection doesn’t feel good but It is a necessary part of life. We have to go through some valleys in our lives to know how to handle ourselves when our blessings comes. It won’t always be peches and cream but it also won’t be thunderclouds and raindrops all the time either.

Keep Praying and know that God always have our best interest in mind.

Still Pushing,



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  1. #1 by starsinhereye on July 29, 2015 - 3:11 pm

    I wish my issue was being a model tripping over my five inch heels! lol
    But yes we do have to weather the storm and we will be stronger! Thanks for the reminder!

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