Year 4 Review- Renee`

Year four FLEW by!! I hate to say that I did not use my time wisely at all! I did well on most of my goals, but honestly it has been within the last few months that I actually started working on most of my goals…..

so here’s a recap and update

1. Financial goals – I reached my goal of having a substantial amount of money in savings; unfortunately I depleted most of it. What the heck! LOL money goes so fast with three kids and a hubby. I have consolidated my credit card debt and have no interest on that debt for 15 months. My goal is to pay extra on it until it is paid that goal will probably be recycled.

2. Passion- Excited to say that H.E.R- Helping Each Other Rise Is up and running!! I literally did not start this venture until mid-July (better late than never) and I have to say I am so sorry I did not do this before now! it has really challenged and inspired me and I am so glad I can cross that off my list check it out HER

3. Mission- I have done really well with this. Not as well as I should have, but I’ve really focused on the kids more this year. My husband and I have even agreed on more individual days for each child; meaning on some days one child will get the attention of that parent. I really started implementing Daniel days more since I have had Lennon. I am also looking to do some more Landyn days as well.

4. Spiritual Awakening- I think the starting of HER really sparked something within me. It has caused me to really work on myself, because I absolutely hate to feel like a phony. I can’t try to impart positivity and wisdom when my life is in chaos. I began working on myself even before then. Reading books on codependency and actually having an open and honest conversation with both my father and Daniel’s dad. Those two situations have been a source of contention in my life for 6 years. That is a heavy, heavy burden. I have now not only made peace with that issue but have really stopped trying to control the outcome of what happens to those relationships. Talk about freedom!

So overall, I am proud of the progress I made as a woman. I’ve grown leaps and bounds.

Keep Swimming,


  1. #1 by starsinhereye on August 14, 2015 - 7:52 pm

    Go you! HER is so exciting!
    Love you~

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