unplugged2So, we are just a few weeks away from another rad7even year…we are actually reaching the final two years of our blogging world. I can’t believe how much I have grown and changed and…unfortunately how much I have stayed the same. I’ve spoken before on being stagnant in my growth.

So, Sunday I did something radical. I deactivated my FB page, deleted my Timehop app and got rid of my Instagram. I let Twitter go years ago. I remember when my friend Jenna left FB; I thought she was insane LOL and I hate to admit that I didn’t work on keeping in touch like I should have when she decided to “unplug”. I can’t say that I will stay of FB for good, but I am committed to unplugging until the next Rad7even year starts.

I’ve been really seeking God in the most diligent way possible the last few days. I just need clarification on what He really wants of me. I’m even temporarily stopping posts on HER, because I really need that to be guided by God and not just something I check off my list.

Unplugging has also made me realize who is important to me. I have over 700 friends, yet I only have about 10 phone numbers of those people on there. Who am I connecting to and why? Don’t get me wrong I do believe that there’s good on FB and I have enjoyed being members of several positive groups, but overall…I waste time on there and expose myself to ideas, pictures and thoughts that right now I don’t need. I am very sensitive right now to what is going on. And I just need to be focused. So for right now…I’m unplugged.

I’ll see ya in September!


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