You, Me and Awareness

The story of Invisible Illness from one of our Radicalnites!


The Spoon Project

It’s invisible Illness Week. You’ll see people come out of the woodworks who have issues that you never knew about. This people are brave as living with these illness are tough and not everyone is comfortable being as transparent as I am.

I have only been recently diagnosed with chronic illness, but I have been suffering my entire life. When this all came to a head, I went through a lot of changes and, for some time, I looked sick. I had the prednisone moon face; the huge bags were I didn’t sleep because of the pain; and out of breath at every walk past three steps. But as I have fought to regain my life, my illness becomes even more invisible. I am losing weight and toning my body and my face has finally gone back to a healthy color. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t still have…

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