This is Devotion~Audrey

Open up and let me in
Show the bruises on your skin
Let the fires all burn out
I can hear the silent shout in you
Let it go don’t be so scared
Find the love you lost again
Let the chaos disappear
Don’t you know I’m always here for you?

‘Cause this is devotion, I am lost
You’re the only one I see
Our bodies in motion, I am caught
Floating in your gravity
Whenever you break, I’ll fix it for you
I’m the one who drives to you at night
And maybe we’ll fall a little deeper
I think our little hearts will be alright
‘Cause this is devotion

“Devotion”, Ellie Goulding


This entry started off very differently. But someone straightened me out. It hurt but it was so true. So the tone of the of this entry had shifted. I’ve tried to express my feelings with out bashing others. I hope I have succeeded.
I spent the majority of my life feeling like I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t athletic; I was a nerd. I wasn’t popular; I often got made fun of. had a host of issues that contributed go this but it was cultural that made me feel the worst because I never fit in at church. In Sunday School and VBS we would talk about Jesus and have fun and love one another. Then during the Sunday sermons, we would hear what we did wrong and how we should not accept those who are different from us. I skipped out of church my entire adolescent life; my mom had taught me that we were all the same deep down and we all deserved love and respect but church sermons and goers never lived up to this.
I was baptized when I was a senior in high school. My friend brought me into a decent church but soon the trappings faded. They did not believe what I believed: that Jesus made us special and us very much (yes, I am a paraphrasing a talking tomato, but the tomato speaks the through). I could not condemn others who were different. I couldn’t condemn sinners; Jesus told us to love our neighbors.
I have been thinking a lot recently about Christianity and how it is perceived. Lately, it hasn’t been very IMG_3445
positive. Christians are public ally refusing to love they neighbor, to feed the hunger, and cloth the cloth less. Being in the missionary work, I have seen some great things and some bad. I have seen people who work for big corporations and are devote Christians not even knowledge my work while I have budding families and single working people sacrifice for the likes of me. Globally, people are devoting their time to curing diseases in their world counters while while politicians with big money are trying to exclude God;s children. The Bible seems to be repeating itself as not enough people are changing because of the gospel. We seem to have forgotten what Jesus preached.
I had a friend speak out against Christians who were public ally doing these things. I texted her and asked her what she thought of me. It wasn’t me getting her face; it was me making sure I projected what I thought I did. Her answer brought happy tears to my eyes: I was the most Christian person she knew and that I was the closest person to live within Christian principles. This is the biggest compliment I could ever get; I made Christ amity look good. But my thoughts, my actions are into what makes Christianity good it the basic principles set out by our Lord and Savior. We have to make sure to listen to his words and forgo false prophets who quote out few context or puts other ideals over the ones that came from Christs mouth.
This is devotion. Taking up his mantel and living that way, You don’t have to be a domestic missionary. We each have gifts that Jesus wants us to use. Follow his calling, his word. Jesus preached love and selflessness. Ask yourself: “Do I have devotion?”


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