Update of Goals ~Venus

Hello everyone! Below is my  update on my goals so far.

1. Invest in myself by taking advantage of resources (free or paid) for things that I’m interested in.

-I’ve made a lot of progress on the goal! This month I invested in the Best Selling Year program by Shalena the D.I.V.A. Best Selling Year is a program that help entrepreneurs take their business to another level. No, I’m not an entrepreneur but I have been thinking about it. I also have been taking advantage of free resources such as webinars & video series on topics such as finances, goal planning, & love.

2. Become discipline in my spiritual life especially with projects that I’m working on.

-I’m still working on this goal. I’m not as disciplined like I would like to be.

3. Schedule time to spend with God daily.

-I’m working on this goal as well. I pray on a regular basis. I also get up every Sunday to watch Word of Faith Family Worship’s Cathedral’s church service online. I need to do a better job w/ reading by Bible everyday.

4. Reprogram my mind by changing negative thoughts into more positive thoughts by doing daily affirmations, readings and scriptures.

-Reprogramming my mind has been hard! Sometimes it’s easy for my mind to revert to the negative thoughts & self limiting beliefs. Reprogramming mind is something that I have to do constantly.

5. To date with purpose. To continue to not entertain men that aren’t what I’m looking for in a mate.

-I haven’t been on any dates yet. Sad face! I’m currently am dealing w/ a situation that involved a guy that I was getting to know. I  liked him a lot! He was funny, caring, nice, & we had a lot of things in common. I recently found out that he was a wolf in sheep clothing. I have to heal from the situation & move on. I hope that next year I’ll have better luck in the love department & possibly be in a relationship! I’m trying my best not to give up on love.

6. Gain clarity regarding my purpose by figure out my way on God’s path. I will not limit myself on what I can achieve.

-I don’t have clarity yet. =( I hope that my purpose will become clear

7. Develop a plan to make the College Transition Program successful.

-I’m still trying to figure out a plan! Lol! I haven’t been focused on this goal as much as I should had been.

P.S. I know that it’s been a minute since I blogged. I have to do better!


~Written Thurs. Dec. 31, 2015


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