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So, I finally watched the movie War Room. So many people have been talking about it and encouraging me to watch it. My mother-in-law actually called on Friday and encouraged LaDarren and I to watch it together. I felt like it was a sign to stop running from the movie.

I can’t tell you why I’ve avoided the movie. I actually did a devotion from the War Room book like months ago. So why was I so against watching the movie? Idk maybe my flesh would feel more convicted…who knows. But anyway LaDarren and I sat down to watch the movie. The theme of the movie is about having your own plan of attack against the schemes of the devil. If we aren’t in God’s Word we are more likely to fall into temptation, strife, worry…just all the stuff God commands us not to do.

In the movie, the main character has to literally carve out not only time, but space to read the Word and pray. Now, we all know I have struggled in this area. I used to wake up 15 minutes early so I could do my devotion time…but lately I’ve been using it to hit that snooze button a couple (or three) times. It’s really a shame. But this movie did motivate me to reevaluate my Walk (for like the 7th time this year and yes I know it’s January).

I struggle to pray. Reading and studying I usually do fairly well, but praying…I tend to fall off. I had a talk with the boys (with LaDarren) about some of the ways in which we could be better and do better. My boys are good kids, but we all have room for improvements. They gave me one or two things.

I asked the boys what did momma need to work on and immediately Daniel said “yelling”. That’s right. I, Renee`, am a yeller. I don’t mean to be. I really don’t and I try to be patient but it is definitely a weakness of mine. I grew up in a yelling household. My mom used to say if she didn’t yell we acted like we didn’t/couldn’t hear her. I promise sometimes it feels that way with the boys as well. I don’t yell all the time, but when I do…I’m probably doing it with some gusto. I know it’s a weakness and I apologize to the boys every time I end up doing it. But the problem is…ME. If I surrendered everything to God. Guess what, my patience would grow. I know when I spend time in God’s Word I do SO much better.

I have started again putting Scriptures up around the house and just meditate on God’s Word. I am determined to kick this bad habit and I am ready to really surrender.

  1. #1 by starsinhereye on January 28, 2016 - 5:38 pm

    Praying that you make a great connection with the Lord through Prayer. I love that you haven’t given up even when you make a misstep.
    So what did you tell the boys they needed to work on?

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