Lies I Tell Myself- Lie #1 ~Renee


So, since I took a month off from Rad7even blogging (and two months from HER), I decided to come back with a series entitled “Lies I Tell Myself”. It is my hope that through me exposing some of my lies and insecurities that I will grow AND so will you. This will be an 8 part series, I chose the number 8 because biblically that is the number that represents new beginnings and dear loves that is what I am hoping this is.


Lie Number One- I don’t have time.

I use this line for absolutely everything LOL it is my get out of jail free excuse. I don’t have time to exercise, to read, to send that email, to write that report, to play with my kids… name it I have used this line. It is pretty worn and honestly I didn’t see anything wrong with it, because it felt very much like truth. Like I literally would use it and walk around in it like..yeah that fits nice.


It wasn’t until I had a conversation with my husband that I realized I was overusing this term and it was a complete and utter cop out. A friend also suggested I watch and that also changed my view.

Truth is, I have veggied out in front of Netflix for three and four hours before. And sometimes it was so bad because I was watching shows not appropriate for the little guys so they were cornered off in their rooms. BUT I mean I need “me” time right? True, but could those shows wait until the kids are asleep, sure. Do I have to watch all 22 episodes of Black List so I can catch up to the new season, no.

The truth of the matter is, that I was not making time to do the things that matter. Am I tired after work, ABSOLUTELY, but I’d be tired even if the kids didn’t ask me to play with them or watch them build the 45th house with a doorbell that made another tune on Minecraft why not indulge them. In a few years, they will be going through pre-teen angst and may or may not talk to me for five minutes so I should relish these never ending question and answer sessions, but I don’t always.

Anyway…back to the conversation with my husband. Last year he started getting serious about altering his physique (ironically I was about 7 months pregnant when this happened). Anyway he’s been doing everything basically right, but now he’s trying to do everything right, which means he needs even more of my support. I began altering the way I cooked and what I fixed last year but getting on that work out train was not happening. I mean sure I did a workout here and there but every week consistently not happening.


Last week the hubster came to me with all his plans and dreams and I realized…I have a ton of time I just place it all in the wrong areas. I started to make some adjustments and I have started to carve out time and make things priority that should be. How to dispel the lie-look at your schedule and what you are currently spending time on. Even if you alter five or ten minutes you will start to see some major changes


I lie (sometimes),



  1. #1 by danigeorge25 on March 4, 2016 - 7:36 pm

    I lie sometimes too.

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