Quiet Like A… DaniGee

It’s been a minute and I’m sorry. I would say I would do better but I am not sure. This blog idea came to me while I was driving home from shopping. I am so happy that I still have the energy to write it.  There are older individuals, older as in 45+ and they seem to only see social media as a negative atmosphere. I tend to disagree. My social media environment is what I make of it. It is my way of keeping up with my closest friends who are hundreds of miles away. I use it to connect with the general public by providing pieces of my personal life, in hopes that it helps them out in a positive manner. I use it for purposes that are positively beneficial for me. Now, I am not saying that there are not people who use it for the opposite reasons than mine. You’ve seen them.  They either perpetrate or feel the need to just keep it real, which in my opinion is just a way to justify being messy and judgmental. They are the ones who are always going on a deleting spree. Why it has to be announced, I’ll never know.


I say all that to say this. I am learning to talk less, and do more action steps to create my own success. I have realized about myself that I have great ideas but I let my fear stop me. I throw out ideas to people and if they don’t give me the resounding vote of confidence, I start to doubt my ideas and the validity to it. I start letting fear and doubt creep in and it puts a halt to me doing anything. This week, with the help of my best friend, I have started back on the train again of creating my own success and stop waiting for the perfect moment. Instead of sharing what I am doing, I will do what I have always needed to do it  which is to pray about it. I need to be asking for guidance and strength from my heavenly father. The last couple of months, I have gotten the same message from different people, pretty much saying that if you and God’s ideas are aligned, then it won’t fail. I have to get myself back aligned to the person who really counts. I also go with the thought in my head that trying anything new may never be easy and it may not even be successful, but there can never be failure if you are continually learning about yourself.


Until Next Time,


Hopefully sooner than later,


Still PUSHing,



  1. #1 by Chrissy on May 22, 2016 - 11:21 pm

    Omg! I always get so excited when I see you’ve posted a blog. What you speak is usually how I feel. This past week God gave me an idea, and what was the first thing I did? Yep…I called someone to get validation. There is no validation in God. He is the reason why. Three days straight in a row I’ve either sat in an event or listened to something by someone who has been talking about purpose. This is something that I’ve been in prayer about for the last few weeks. God has validated me already by allowing me the resources and aligning me with the right people. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog…so uplifting, thought provoking and inspiring. Keep pushing cuz!

    • #2 by radical7even on May 24, 2016 - 1:34 pm

      This has given the motivation to try to be more consistent with my posts. It is always my goal to be of help to whoever decides to read our blog! Thanks cuz!

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