Taking a Look Back–Year 5 DaniGee

Well, Let me just start off by saying that I sucked at blogging this year. Although, when I did blog, I would have to say it was a good post.

So, here  we are, we made it through another year with God’s grace and mercy. I would have to say as I look back through these goals and with every year I always seem to learn more about myself or achieve things that  I never thought about when creating my original rad7 goals.

Here’s how I graded myself this year:

Send 100 pieces of mail. This was a recycled goal from Year 4. I started out strong but soon dawdled off.  However, for me, I was able to ask a special question to special letters and that made it all worth it.  So instead of 100, I sent 18. So C+

Donate, advocate, and volunteer for an organization of my choosing. The organization that I chose was Aid to Inmate Mothers. I love this organization dearly. I have participated with this organization I would say yearly for almost 10 years. WOW, just realized it. This year, I along with my fellow rad7 donated school supplies and we plan on doing something for the women for Christmas. A++

Study the bible. I just can’t seem to get right. It is an ongoing struggle. D+

Develop my new thrifting business/learn more about business techniques. It is not a win but not really a lose either. I sold my first piece that wasn’t friend related about 2 weeks ago via Poshmark. Super happy about that. Fear keeps me from moving along with this dream but I am working on a business plan and will probably recycle this goal. C+

Cook at least 2 meals monthly. I would have to say that I did great on this goal and I even begun making smoothies.  A+

Network more and Gain my professional license.  I would have this say that this goal was a win, even though it may not look like it. I didn’t gain my license but I did get hired at another job as a sexual assault case manager where  networking is a big part of my success. Networking scares me but I push through it for the most part. I would give myself an A+.

Learn 2 healthy ways to handle my anxiety/stress without shutting down. This goal truly depends on the time of the day. Sometimes I feel like wonder woman and nothing can hurt my spirit and other times, the only times that get me out of bed is that fact that  I will be back in it, 8 hours later. I made the decision this year to ask my doctor for anxiety medication and I am proud of myself for doing so. It is a daily struggle but I won’t give up. I will recycle this goal but in a different way. A+


Cheers to Year 5 and looking forward to year 6.


Still PUSHing,


  1. #1 by starsinhereyeblog on October 4, 2016 - 4:46 pm

    I am so proud that you never give up pushing! Yay!

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