Year 5 Recap-Renee

fb_img_1473073435927My goals for year 5 were simplified and put into 5 categories. So…Let’s see how I did.

Goal 1: I am a woman…a mother…an employee -All three can co-exist

So…While I do believe this to be true I had to alter this a tad bit. Right before Rad year 5 ended, I quit my job. I felt the nudging of God to move so I did. Quitting was hard for me, because I wrapped myself around my job a bit too tightly. I had lost my purpose for being there, which at any job is to be a light and not necessarily fit into certain things. I learned a lot about myself, my goals and most importantly I learned the value of my voice and responding to God’s Call. So in order to fulfill this goal I had to change directions, I’m glad I did and now I have a job that has a bit more flexibilty and I can still walk in my purpose of serving others!


Goal 2: Reconnect to God by disconnecting from distractions

Um…so yeah totally failed at this goal. I didn’t fast every single month BUT I did disconnect from things, people and places that no longer served me in a good way. More importantly I reconnected to people, places and things that inspired my soul. I think I’ll recycle this goal.


Goal 3: Stop looking for other things to save, complete or give me identity

Passed! Quitting my job really solidifed this for me. I made that goal knowing in my mind that this was a huge issue for me. So by leaving I opened myself up to new opportunities. I wrote for a magazine, I shared at an event about Baby Smith, I joined groups that would purposely push me not only as a writer but a person. I made sure to focus intently on what I believe my purpose is and to walk on that path. 

 Goal 4: Pay on what I owe without being buried by debt

So….This gets a C. I paid off my car and consolidated my consumer debt (Yay!) But then I turned around and had to put some car repairs on my card…and just overpsent on another (sigh) not as high as it was but not zero. Most importantly , my hubby amd I got on the same page financially and are closer to home ownership!I’ll probably recycle this goal

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Goal 5: Fear Not

I had two panic attacks in the month of August. My first ones ever (and hopefully last). I found out the source of my fears really are founded in anger. I keep a lot to myself and dont speak up because I fear making someone else feel bad or I dont want to stir the pot so to speak. All the internalized anger turned on me. Learning to find and use my voice has been vitally important. I have stepped out more in faith the last 4 wks than probably the whole year. With that being said..I believe I nailed this one!

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    Yay! Congrats!

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