Year 6 Goals-Renee


Radical 7 year six! SIX people, that means one more year of radicalness..well technically not but it means that I have committed to something beyond myself with my girls for over half a decade! That’s huge. I think I made great progress last year and I am excited to see what God will do next.

Next year my focus is almost exclusively self care. I realize for the majority of my life I’ve had imbalances somewhere. This is my attempt to get back right.
1. Write to Heal. God allowed so many new interesting and inspiring people into my life this past year. One of those people is a woman named Salaam, she contacted me back in July and invited me to attend an event called Write to Heal and it changed my perspective on..well everything

*I will seek out events (like write to heal), that will cause me to really focus on myself.When I attend these events I am not worried about dinner, or homework with the kids. I get a chance to breathe and focus on renewing myself so I’m better for everyone around me.
2. Experience life- This year I got to go to Las Vegas with my hubby (our first alone trip in 4 years). I throughly enjoyed that, traveling opens you up and makes you feel alive. My goals for this are two-fold:
*Travel four times next year (two adult trips and two family trips)
*Doing something social at least once a month (by myself or with others)

3. Using my voice- I had two panic attacks last year because I wouldn’t say no. I wouldn’t say this isn’t right or fair. NEVER  again. Over the past month, I’ve talked more about my needs and wants than probably my entire life. My goal is to speak my needs every day.
4. Read for my life- read something every single day. Recycled goal from,gosh year 2 is to read the Bible in the year. I’ve downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and started a year Bible reading plan, so..hopefully I’ll do better on this goal.
5. Eat for my life -I’ve really altered how I eat and think about food the last two years. I’ve been experimenting making things from scratch. Not only is that healthier, but the sense of accomplishment is just awesome. My goal is to seek more vegetarian focused meals since we are still very meat centric. This will be a challenge because right now, I like 5 vegetables.

  1. #1 by starsinhereyeblog on October 4, 2016 - 5:00 pm

    You got this! Love you!

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