Why, Hello you-Renee

I am. Yes, that is a complete sentence. Everything, I think or experience is usually filtered through those two words.

I am strong. I am loving. I am…


I’ve focused more on shaping my world with my thoughts. My thoughts towards myself and those around me. The more I really focus on God and what I believe His purpose is for my life…things fall into place. The more I let go..the more things fall into place. I’ve spent the last week focused on selfcare, which has really changed how I interact with my children (and hubby) and how I treat my consumers at my new job.

I’ve made a few more food items this week, which I will share. And I have read every single day. Unfortunately, my Bible reading has fallen behind again…but I do read the Bible everyday. I am so excited to love my life again . I didn’t really how unhappy I was until..I shook off whatever it was holding me back. I.am.free


  1. #1 by danigeorge25 on October 6, 2016 - 3:33 pm

    I AM happy that you are happy!

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