The Blog Where I Get Closer to Christianity by Reading Norse Mythology Fiction~Audrey

The rune perthro is the symbol of an empty cup lying sideways. Its meaning is a mystery for practitioners of rune magic and can be used for many reasons. For me, it’s not the magical properties of the symbol of the rune that moves me; it is the fact that we can use other mythology to help understand some of the truest ideals of Christianity.perthro

I am reading a YA fantasy novel by Rick Riordan. That will lose many people there as it’s about the Norse gods. But bear with me. Riordan uses the symbol for his deaf elf who had to decide to drink from Mimir’s well of knowledge. But to truly understand what he was being taught he had to empty himself to fulfill his destiny. This is further illustrated by the story of how Odin learned rune magic. He hung himself from a tree and then pierced his side with his spear to empty himself; to become a receptacle for the magic.

Do you see the connection? Jesus was crucified and poked with a spear. His life force left him; he as empty. His soul and biological life force were gone. Then he arose and brought with him the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had to sacrifice himself and empty himself of his humanity to fulfill the destiny that Christians were meant to have. Had he not gone through, this ordeal this world would be a vastly different place.

As Christians, we have to become that empty cup. We have to give up our humanity and accept the Holy Spirit and the will of Jesus Christ. We can’t receive our destiny preaching hatred and bigotry. We must shed our preconceived notions and look at the world through Christ’s eyes. I encourage you to focus on the things Christ said and did instead of other people who try to overturn Jesus’ ideals to promote their own. Clear your mind and spend time in the four gospels. That is where I have always found the most proud ideals and changing of spirit.

Become perthro; become an empty vessel. Leave your destiny up to Jesus, not to the dice of humanity.

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