Sticking Closer Than a Brother-Renee`

The greatest thing about friendship is the ability for a friend to see you. I mean really see you. I don’t mean the arbitrary “hey how are you doing”  “I’m wonderful” play we put on every day for the people around us. I mean the ” I am so worn out right now that I have been on the verge of tears” conversation.

True friendships stand the test of time and trials and one of my longest friendships…we’ve been family.. is with Dani.

Dani and I have literally been best friends since we sat beside each other in Psychology Club back in 2005..2006?? I forget the year but..she’s been here. She was the maid of honor in my wedding. She is the Godmother to all of my boys. She is my first true baby daddy LOL and overall she’s my left-hand girl.

She FINALLY moved close enough for us to see each other on a more regular basis. The crazy part was life kept getting in the way and we were actually seeing each other less than when she lived an hour away. We decided to institute “bestie days” so we would schedule out time to see each other. Well, this past Saturday (February 10th) was supposed to be our first official bestie day and we were going to see the play Color Purple. Two days prior…she lets me know that she entered me into a Valentine’s Day contest…and I won! Now I was shocked, happy..and yes a tinge of guilt hit. One, she really wanted to go see the play and 2) I would be away from the kids for atleast 6 hours. Now that I am working full time I feel bad if I am not with them when I am home. But can I tell you that the week prior had been VERY hard. I was all the way worn out. So… this bestie day and make-over couldn’t come at a better time.

Dani picked me up and we headed to the mall where the transformation would begin. I got styled by StyleMaven, got my hair done and make up done and got to walk the red carpet. It was AMAZING. I got to do it laughing and joking with my best friend and surrounded by black women entrepreneurs. It was so empowering. I can’t thank Dani enough for helping me to really focus on self-care.

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