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Going Home – Renee’

Saturday, April 7th Lennon and Darren were dedicated to God, in my home church. It had been years since I had been back but… it felt so good to be there. All the kids I used to teach in Sabbath School were either now teens or young adults. The elders of the church recounted all the stories from my youth. Everyone was so excited to see me… and my now expanded family.

Bethany raised me and it was glad to see so many familar faces who cheered me on in Christ.

Two things stuck out the most, 1》 how many people joined us for the occasion. Great-grands, grands, great aunts, uncles, Godmother and God-grandmother… when LaDarren and I stood up there was an entire tribe standing with us. It was beautiful. My boys all four not just those being dedicated have so much love and support.

2》 The second thing that stood out was Pastor Watson’s sermon. He spoke about God’s Grace and started out with the Scripture about King David and how he was looking for someone in the House of Saul to be kind to.


Pastor went on to talk about God’s unmerited favor and how some people walk around like they’ve never needed God’s grace or like they never recieved it. He spoke a bit on how some in the church would not adequately or fairly deal with those who may have fallen short.

It reminded me of when I found out I was pregnant with Daniel. I completely left my church. I just felt like with everything going on with his dad I couldn’t deal with anything remotely negative. So i left. I dont know if it was the right thing to do or not because when I came back after giving birth I was welcomed back and and I chose to rebaptise myself (with my brother Josh so it was extra special).

Going back to Bethany made me realize yet again the importance of a church home, remember one of my goals is to find a church. There’s nothing like being in fellowship with other believers and while yes, none of them are perfect, just like you’re not perfect either. It is good to surround yourself with people tryingto get right and do right.

We had professional pictures taken and I’ll update this post when I get those back. Until then…


Be blessed!




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