Radical 7even is online blog that follows the spiritual journey of a group of friends. We all are going through major transitions in our life. Some of us have recently made major decisions in our life while others are waiting and wondering what is the next step, when to take that step and how. Nevertheless, we all want our relationship with God to grow; to be prosperous mentally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually; and want to make a difference in this world. So, together, we decided to challenge God by giving Him 7 years to radically change our life the way He sees fit.

It takes a lot of faith to challenge God, but also to surrender our life to Him to do as He please. So, God has challenged us to take action in this process because in a relationship it takes two to make it work. So, we have pledge the following:

– We must create 7 goals to accomplish each year and try our best to accomplish them.
– We must do one thing outside our comfort zone a week called “Radical Moment”
-We must journal at least once a week about our radical moment and/or how we are one step closer to accomplishing a goal on our list. We can journal using video, a tweet, poem, short story, or various other media (all will be under one of the name Radical 7even).

To be honest it is not about the destination (or the goal we have to accomplish), it is really about the journey of getting there because sometimes things change, plans change; but, learning something on the way the way adds value and wisdom to life. As we share our journey with you, we hope that you are touched to the point that you will want to share your journey with others. What’s the point of success if you don’t have people to share it with. This is why we choose to do this.

We all are different and have different aspirations in life, but the one things that will never change is the sisterhood we have. And it will only grow stronger as time and this journal progress.

-the HIS girls

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