Kidneys to Spoons~Audrey

Last March was a big year for my kidney advocacy.  I went to Capitol Hill with Kidney Action Day and made Congress aware of the issues that affect those inflicted with kidney disease. That was a high part of my journey that is going to be hard to top. But I still keep it up.

This March, I have started another advocacy venue. And while it’s not just about kidney disease, it is a great outlet for all those with chronic illness including kidney disease. As I have fought with my immune dysfunction (which subsequently caused my kidney disease), I have tried to stay upbeat. The journey is going much better than I had expected at this time last year. I have less pain, better coping skills to handle my limitations, and am generally happier. I am proud of where I am, but I am more proud of those who have taken care of me.

That being said, ,any people still don’t understand what it is like to live with chronic illness, and one of my goals is to help others understand what life is like for people like me. So my new project combines this desire with my love of crafting. The Spoon Project is a blog and crafting project that aims at promoting advocacy through craft made with spoons.

The idea was born out of a night of insomnia and crafting website marathon. I saw this gorgeous spoon mosaic that I loved. There is a space above my bed where it would fit perfectly. When I looked at it, it would remind me to be upbeat. But I wanted my friends to send me spoons. These spoons would mean something to me and they could lend a “spoon” and help me on my darkest day.

But the idea didn’t stop there. I could incorporate a Facebook page to encourage other to share spoons and their stories. I would make spoon crafts made from supplies sent by other Spoonies.  I could give them a way to share their stories.

So head on over to The Spoon Project and learn more about the project, why the items are spoons and how you can send a spoon. This Radical idea was God inspired and I invited you all to join in as well.

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