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Free-Trial Marriage- Renee’

The picture above was taken 24 hours after Darren was born. As you may know it was very  trying. I was blessed to not go through that alone.

When many people envision marriage the first thing that usually comes to mind is the actual wedding. Weddings are the celebration of two people joining together…a marriage is the verb of said commitment. 

What? You didn’t know marriage was a verb? Oooooooh yes it is the very definition of what a verb is. A marriage is a living breathing entity of two people who choose each other and for many bring forth life because of said union. 

Marriage is also a combination of you and your thoughts and ideas as well as what you’ve been exposed to and downloaded both subconsciously and consciously.

Mant times we don’t even realize our expectations are unreasonable until our partner is like…um that’s just not me.

There’s no 30day risk free trial in marriage. You say “I Do” and…you’ure.

In my almost 5 years of marriage Ive been blessed to grow as a woman. Growth comes with a very steep price  Ive been humbled more times than I can count. If you read some of my previous blogs you know I am in recovery for yelling. I’m sure it’s not a real thing but for me it should be  working on extending grace can be hard. Especially when you’re tired…I am not one of those people who functions well when tired. I’m irrated quickly when I’m  tired. 

But I’ve been working on not using that (being sick, tired, overwhelmed) etc. Instead I try and center myself for a few minutes. I find myself a quiet spot and just focus myself. My yelling has gone down quite a bit. Not perfect but it’s definitely decreased. 

Trials will come. That’s just life, but how you choose to deal with them…


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L-O-V-E ***DaniGee***

Love. This four lettered word can bring on palpations, giggles, blushed cheeks and daydreaming. It can also cause anger, doubt, and tears. I decided for this post to define what love looks like to me.

Love is French fries with Heinz ketchup and not gaining any weight.

Love is having my Godbabies run up to me and give me hugs.

Love is not always hearing what I want to hear but what I need to hear.

Love is watching the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation with my favorite person.

Love is having my mom buy my favorite chips even when she knows I’m on a diet.

Love is having multiple conversations with my best friend on several social media simultaneously.

Love is looking in the mirror and smiling at who I see.

Love is when someone lets you know that they have been listening.

Love is random gifts in the mail.

Love is the sun on my face on a beautiful spring day.

Love is completing the perfect squat.


Love is….


What does Love looks like to you??


Keep Pushing,



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Beginning of Year 6 **DaniGee**

I got the great opportunity to write year 6 goals with my bestie. I am always inspired by the strength of the ladies that God has allowed me to meet on this journey called Life. Some of my goals will be add on from previous years and some are completely new to push me out of my comfort zones. It is my prayer that I commit myself to be more transparent with my journey via blogging with Radical 7even. Honestly, it was our goal when we first started blogging but slowly I started to slack. Thank you for joining us on this Journey. I hope you enjoy our posts.image

Here’s to Year 6!

I’ve decided to not do 7 goals but create 5 goals on various parts of my life that I want God to move in.


o I have had many friends and family give me beautiful journals. I would write for a month of so but then it would get put down and not picked up, except for the random day. This year and part of 2015 I have done what I consider really well with journal. For the year of 2016, I written at least once a week for the past 6 months.
Use Journal Prompts via Pinterest Pins, Book Questions
Seek out Spiritual/Religious sermons and readings
Honesty Writing about my Day

o Mental Health is a subject that is not talked about enough in the minority community and sometimes with our closest friends. I want to shine a light on these issues
Do a weekly blog on my personal blog titled Wellness Wednesdays
Highlight wellness resources in the local community and nationwide
Being honest about my personal mental health issues and self care.

o I am believing in 2017 that I will be moving and in the last 2 years I have been doing better with paying my bills on time and I want to continue this trend by building up my savings as well as earning more income for traveling and extracurricular activities.
Be intentional with posting on my DaniGee’s blog and various social media Platforms.
Seek out webinars and informationals on how to make thrifting successful
Plan out writing sessions.

o In simple terms, I gotta do better.
Find a daily meditation
Dedicate 30 min in the morning with Bible Readings
Seek out what it means to be a Christian.

o I have been off the wagon too long. I hang on to the fact that I lost about 30 pounds but I realized that it has been about 10 years and it’s time to start again and continue the journey.
 Looking for more ways to eat healthier, i.e. smoothies and crockpot recipes.
 Being more intentional in exercising
 Joining health challenges

I am praying for an eventful radical year. Please pray for us.

Still PUSHing,


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Fight or Flight or Freeze ***DaniGee***

fight or flight

I am always surprised by God’s grace and mercy. I  shouldn’t be but I always am. For the past 10 years, I have been wrestling with something that has literally have me between the flight or freeze  position. Either I would run from the feelings that I was having or I would freeze and deny that I was going through it.  But as always God has a way of bringing things to surface.

I was afraid. I was terrified that I would lose my friends, that  they would disown me. However, as always, my friends are awesome. They showered me with love and understanding. They have empowered me and showed me that they are truly in my corner.

Now, I am in fight mode. Fighting for my truth. Fighting for what I feel is right. Life is too short to fear life. Have fun. laugh. Surround yourself with beautiful spirits.

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24


Still Pushing,





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The Reason You Voted for a Republican is the Same Reason I Voted for Bernie Sanders~Audrey

I have made clear through out this blog that I am both a democrat and religious. You also know that I am not a typical Southern conservative Christian like many of those where I live and work. Because of this, I have a hard time fitting in. But I haven’t give up and I hope there are some of you out there are reading this with an open mind. For those of you with similar beliefs you know my plight.
The biggest draw of several Republican candidates are that they run on a platform of returning American to it Religious glory. I am not concerned with defending or arguing these ideas and if these ideas even lead to that moniker. The point is this they want Jesus back in this country. They feel like this can be done within the structure of the Republican party.
But what if I told you that is the exact same reason I am voting for Bernie Sander and that I want to see Christ like behaviors back in the country? Sanders doesn’t claim to be specifically religious and that fact that he is Jewish has been damaging him in the eyes of the Religious right. Here is what they don’t see: Sanders’ mission is promote equality among ALL Americans. The youth of the nation will not be turned away. Veterans who fight wars will not be left to live in a refrigerator box. Women will not be treated as second class citizens. The least of these will be cared for.
“The least of these” sounds familiar to you doesn’t it? Jesus was about caring for the down trodden, the turned away, the disenfranchised. He fought against greed and reminded us that money is not the key to happiness. To be clear, I don’t think Sanders is Jesus but I KNOW that he has the “love thy neighbor as thyself” down. The man was arrested for protesting segregation in the sixties, has fought for the rights of veterans and women, and rallies against the one percent who control majority of the wealth and get insane amounts of tax breaks. He is the embodiment of the Christianity I hold dear. I feel it is a shame that this ideas doesn’t come from one of the religious candidates. But we each have to cast our own lots.
I am not here to change your mind. I am here to explain how religion is not cut and dried. You can be religious and believe in the revolution of the American people and you can be religious and believe that protecting Christianity is enacting certain law. I am proud that there is a candidate whom people support based on their love for their fellow human beings as opposed ti say listening to someone just because they have money and yell really loudly. But please be respectful back. Today is Alabama’s primary and emotions will be running high, but let’s be excellent to each other. I think Jesus would like that.


And the King will say, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!
Matthew 25:40

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Whadda You Want From Me~Audrey

When I was little, I wanted a family. I played with baby dolls and imagined playing house as a child. As a teen, I had all the names of my children picked out (and their celebrity fathers). I had a idea of a great family, not one marred by illness and strife. God has put this desire in me, or so I thought.
After my diagnosis of CVID, I prayed and mulled and cried and felt sorry for myself. I came thisclose to deciding not to deciding not to have children. I didn’t want the child to be neglected. I didn’t want my child to grove up resentful that she came second to my disease. I didn’t want to not be able to give them my all. Then I met Vadim.
As I have mentioned before, I work at Bridges of Faith a ministry and non-profit in Alabama who care for Ukrainian Orphans (you can learn more here: The latest group arrived on Christmas Day and left us on January 20. As always, they stole my heart but one child in this group changed my mind about everything I thought about my life with chronic illness. Smart and charming Vadim snuck into my life. While I had my hands full with two younger children, it was hard not to see the things we had in common: big hearts, a love of conversations and a devoted following to comics. I enjoyed spending time with him and his friend Kolya, another preteen who was more mature than his years suggested.
The first Wednesday night after they arrived, we went to a church for dinner. Some of the kids were still jet lagged and were still adjusting to their busy schedule. On the way home, I sat in the back of the van with the kids. Vadim crawled next to me and laid his head in my lag and fell asleep. I had one arm around him happy as a clam. The ride was only 15 minutes but in those 15 minutes my life changed.12507163_10153883964392171_3694499617450025000_n
In that moment I felt such another love for another human being that I couldn’t contain. My desire to be a mom blossomed. And some how how that feeling overcome every feeling of doubt or frustration I had developed since I became sick. Here was a clear sign that God would still work it out for me.
This is what I was meant to do; illness will not stop me. Until it is time to have my own family, I will devote my love and passion to these children-those who need love the most. Sometime, we clearly tells us what he wants from us.

If you would like to find out more about Bridges of Faith please visits:

And if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to BOF in my name to continue my domestic ministry work , please contact, donate on-line (mention my name) or send checks to 302 County Road 383, Billingsley, AL 36006. Thank you for your support!


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This is Devotion~Audrey

Open up and let me in
Show the bruises on your skin
Let the fires all burn out
I can hear the silent shout in you
Let it go don’t be so scared
Find the love you lost again
Let the chaos disappear
Don’t you know I’m always here for you?

‘Cause this is devotion, I am lost
You’re the only one I see
Our bodies in motion, I am caught
Floating in your gravity
Whenever you break, I’ll fix it for you
I’m the one who drives to you at night
And maybe we’ll fall a little deeper
I think our little hearts will be alright
‘Cause this is devotion

“Devotion”, Ellie Goulding


This entry started off very differently. But someone straightened me out. It hurt but it was so true. So the tone of the of this entry had shifted. I’ve tried to express my feelings with out bashing others. I hope I have succeeded.
I spent the majority of my life feeling like I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t athletic; I was a nerd. I wasn’t popular; I often got made fun of. had a host of issues that contributed go this but it was cultural that made me feel the worst because I never fit in at church. In Sunday School and VBS we would talk about Jesus and have fun and love one another. Then during the Sunday sermons, we would hear what we did wrong and how we should not accept those who are different from us. I skipped out of church my entire adolescent life; my mom had taught me that we were all the same deep down and we all deserved love and respect but church sermons and goers never lived up to this.
I was baptized when I was a senior in high school. My friend brought me into a decent church but soon the trappings faded. They did not believe what I believed: that Jesus made us special and us very much (yes, I am a paraphrasing a talking tomato, but the tomato speaks the through). I could not condemn others who were different. I couldn’t condemn sinners; Jesus told us to love our neighbors.
I have been thinking a lot recently about Christianity and how it is perceived. Lately, it hasn’t been very IMG_3445
positive. Christians are public ally refusing to love they neighbor, to feed the hunger, and cloth the cloth less. Being in the missionary work, I have seen some great things and some bad. I have seen people who work for big corporations and are devote Christians not even knowledge my work while I have budding families and single working people sacrifice for the likes of me. Globally, people are devoting their time to curing diseases in their world counters while while politicians with big money are trying to exclude God;s children. The Bible seems to be repeating itself as not enough people are changing because of the gospel. We seem to have forgotten what Jesus preached.
I had a friend speak out against Christians who were public ally doing these things. I texted her and asked her what she thought of me. It wasn’t me getting her face; it was me making sure I projected what I thought I did. Her answer brought happy tears to my eyes: I was the most Christian person she knew and that I was the closest person to live within Christian principles. This is the biggest compliment I could ever get; I made Christ amity look good. But my thoughts, my actions are into what makes Christianity good it the basic principles set out by our Lord and Savior. We have to make sure to listen to his words and forgo false prophets who quote out few context or puts other ideals over the ones that came from Christs mouth.
This is devotion. Taking up his mantel and living that way, You don’t have to be a domestic missionary. We each have gifts that Jesus wants us to use. Follow his calling, his word. Jesus preached love and selflessness. Ask yourself: “Do I have devotion?”

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