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Seeing My Work Come Back to Me~Audrey

Each time child come to Bridgestone, something magical always happens. This time it was the night of the Ukrainian dinner. Each Saturday before the children leave, we host an authentic Ukrainian Dinner with borscht and pelmeni. We invite everyone to join especially post-orphans and their families.IMG_6564
At the dinner I got to spend time with a special post orphan named Vadym. He had come to Bridges of Faith two Decembers. You may remember that I wrote about him because he and God made him a special place in my heart. He was adopted by a wonder family and I keep up with his goings on Facebook.
The day of the dinner they came early to help with other activities. I was so excited to see him. He was also very excited to show me a new way to read comic books for free. We sat down and he walked me through on my phone on how to read them. It was pretty awesome and I love that we had bounded over being nerds.
We had dinner and I sat with the current children and a friend that I knew. I was trying to make sure that I didn’t hog Vadym all night. Plus, I enjoy seeing the kids eat their native foods. They always enjoy the night and get all dressed up.
After dinner, we headed to the chapel for a little service so we could pray for the children plus we got to hear from them their favorite part of the trip. This is always a special moment. I did sit with Vadym and his family and it was interesting to be on the other side with him. He knew how these children felt; he had bene there and done that. When it was time for me to leave, he begged, very quietly, for me not to leave (or so his mom says). So I stayed a little longer just to spend time with him. It was an honor to spend time with this child who we brought over and helped find a forever family.
The point of this story is to show that my work has meaning. This boy’s life was changed forever because of this program and my work with it. These children don’t disappear from our lives. I see a majority of them quite IMG_3290often. In fact, God brings them into my life and changes both of us. He doesn’t just make this a quick relationship; many I get to be in their loves for so much more than just thirty days.
Children like Vadym are why I do what I do. I watch him grow in a local school and see him loved by parents who would (and have) done anything for him.

If you would like to find out more about Bridges of Faith please visits:
And if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to BOF in my name to continue my domestic ministry work , please contact, donate on-line (mention my name) or send checks to 302 County Road 383, Billingsley, AL 36006. Thank you for your support!


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Overshadowed **DaniGee**


Self Doubt. Anger. Confusion. No Time. These past couple of months have been challenging, to the say the least. I was asked to take on another role at work, which I was such an honor and I was so happy to even be considered. What I didn’t immediately realize would come would be difficult work situations and extra responsibilities that doesn’t always end at 5 o’clock. During this time of transition, I’ve doubted myself, became stressed and anxious to the point where the only thing that got me out of bed was the fact that I knew I could hop back in as soon as I got back home. I hate that feeling but sometimes it felt like it was unavoidable. I was able to decompress with trusted coworkers and my best friends but I felt like I was hitting the same wall on a weekly basis. Is this what it looks like when you are given more responsibilities? If so, I was looking for the receipt and the package that it came in.

But God. He knows what I need even before I ask. He gave me April 16th. He gave me the holiday to celebrate his son’s resurrection. He gave me (US) his only son, the ultimate sacrifice. It was doing this day that it hit me that he sacrificed his life for me, not to live life in ever-anxious state but to LIVE. He wants all the praise. The life I live should be a joyful one, a one of thankfulness on our tongue.

Life can be daunting. It can be uncomfortable and scary. However, I believe in God. I believe that he has his best interests for me. It is a reason for me to be going through this. It is for preparation for something greater. God has made ME in his image and he makes no mistakes. He has given me the tools for my purpose in this world.

25 Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

27 “Yes, Lord,” she replied, “I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.” -John 11 25-27

Still PUSHing,


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To Your Health-Renee`

Hey Radical World!

I can’t believe next week is the last week of September…where oh where did the month go???

I am falling behind on my reading of the Bible goal by the end of this year already! I can’t understand why I am so tired at night.. I’ve literally fallen asleep almost every night while I am reading. So I am really trying to straighten this goal’s important to me to really know and study the Bible like I should.

The past two weeks I have been focused on my emotional health..working on taking breaks at work when things get stressful and these past two weeks have probably been the hardest I have had (professionally) since I moved to the City. I love social services and hate social services for all the same reasons. You are able to help people in a very direct and meaningful way, but you are also involved with individuals that have complex and some times chronic issues. Issues that were there long before they entered case do I make their time in case management meaningful? I work hard at being personable and to show people that I am human ( some clients tend to see us as a cog in a machine). But it can still be very taxing and I have carried things home more often than I should. So, I am learning to set better boundaries at work. I work hard on the goals and tasks at hand, but if a client chooses to make decisions that I disagree with or take steps back I am working on not being overly invested. Their decisions are just that… theirs. I cannot hold onto something that is out of my control even if I know it can cause negative consequences for them.

I have also decided to make some firm decisions about a very emotionally taxing relationship. I was really torn between confronting someone and terminating the relationship or just letting things remain the same. Because I am serious about trying to follow the Bible’s advice on this topic about honoring people I decided to let the relationship stay the way it was. There was no need to get overly caught up if this person contacted me or made time for me. If they wanted to spend time with me..then I would indulge them..and if not I would continue with my daily life and need for dramatics. Let the relationship evolve or dissolve organically…Godly.

Breathe In, Breathe Out


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