But Life is for Leading~Audrey

“We can celebrate the highlight”
“Lost And Found”, Train

1. Writing/blog

This hasn’t been going well. But IU had a major depression. You read more about it in my blog “Sloth”.  I am still doing book reviews and I am contemplating changing my movie review blog into a book review blog. That might be better for me

2. Exercise

This one isn’t going as well either. I have been a dark period and having extra issues with my health. I have to get in the mind set that I can do exercise that fits into my days.

3. Be Myself

I have been better at this. While, there are some subjects that shouldn’t be broached, I am trying to be myself., Me a nerd. Let out my weird sense of humor. I am also actively working on my self confidence which will help me immensely in this goal.

“Lord, restore the joy I had”
“Soul On Fire”, Third Day

4. Spiritual

I have been reading my Bible, focusing on Psalms this year. But I take a time each night to read my bible and study other books to grow in knowledge. I have tried to be more in the moment. I have when I pray I end up in Stage 1 &2 sleep, so now I am looking into meditation with my eyes open to counter act this. I want to be in the moment, not fall asleep

5. Take A Leap Of Faith

My life is pretty much a leap of faith. All kidding aside, I have not presented with such a scenario. I think I need to pray for the opportunity more.

“Always whispering, “It’s all your fault””
“Learn to Let Go”, Kesha

6. Forgive Myself

Coming out of last year’s depression was a big help in this area. When I finally saw clearly, I brushed aside what I did and started over. I forgave myself for being in that place. It has help me move and do better. So knowing I can forgive myself for something that just happened, gives me hop I can forgive myself for something that happen a long time ago.

7.Spread the Love

I’ve been wrapped up a lot in myself and not been there so much to reach out to others that don’t live close to me. I am natural very loving and have done small and big things for others just because they needed it so at least I am being an example on how to love those close to you physically. But I’ve dropped the ball on my distance friends.

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