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Love is in the air- Renee’

The months between november and february are high traffic months for weddings,engagements and conception of babies. It’s wild how many people I know fall into this category…including myself. My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage for months;we only told close family and friends but this past Wednesday he made it “officially-official” and I received my engagement ring.
I have been looking at my left hand like this o.0 lol it’s weird because this is technically my second engagement. Many moons a go when I was in my second year of college I was engaged to a guy I met in high school. After the break up I became more and more grateful that we never married. He was not a bad guy by any means he just wasn’t THE guy. Not sure why we both went through the motions knowing for both of us we didn’t quite fit, but we did. I say all this to encourage my single friends and readers who might get a little down. If you KNOW the person you are not with was not the one don’t sweat your singleness in this season. This time last year I was super single. Lol and had been for four you never know when you’re single time will be over.
Besides relationships are a lot of work, and unless you’re working on being unselfish now…getting involved with someone else can really be uncomfortable. I always thought (and still think) I’m an unselfish person but there have been a few things I’ve learned about me while in this relationship with my fiance’ (love saying that!) Lol. Anywho with this being holiday season focus on mending relationships with family members, helping the less fortunate and a little less on God’s timing for your life. Don’t let this season discourage you, but rather use this time ( and really any available time you have) to becoming a better you. God commands us to love our brother as ourselves…without self love you can’t fulfill His orders. Take care and love God first and let everything fall into place.


Darren and I ate dinner after he proposed.




This last week and a half has been unproductive. For my blogs, for my goals, for myself. Today’s post is a post of stress and sadness but a post of hope and blessings as well.

Monday was a very busy day at work. We were preparing for Volunteer Appreciation as well as the upcoming holidays. I was on top of the world. Good dinner, good friends, the guy I’m dating was coming, and fun. The dinner itself went smoothly and my bosses came as well. They were pleased with the night and how well we had planned it.

Afterwards they needed to speak with us—separately. They fired my co-worker, the only the only other full time employee. Because she was also my friend, that didn’t want me to know and stress me out. But I am stressed out no matter what. They said we would have a plan of action in five to seven days. They had some idea about who they wanted to hire next but they didn’t know when the new person will come in.

Putting aside any feelings I have for my friend and co-worker, this situation is not pleasant. I had no idea what was going on and now I will be alone on site for the second time in a year. This leaves everything to fall on me. In fact, there were things I had to handle that I almost forgot. On top of this work stress, I was also dealing with things at home.

While many of you were sitting down to a big Thanksgiving dinner, I was getting my mother home from the hospital. On Wednesday, she had two of her vertebrae fused. About six years ago, she had three fused and a rod put in. It was a terrible ordeal. She was in the hospital for five days and took months for her to heal. This time they were doing a new procedure. They would go through her abdomen, move her stomach over, detach her aorta and put in the new disk. It should take two hours. This new procedure would be easier with a shorter healing time, but I was nervous because it was new. In preparation she could only drink clear fluids and had to drink the solution they give for colonoscopy. She was miserable for three days before her surgery.

Wednesday we had to be there by six a.m. They signed her in but didn’t take her back to prep for an hour. At eight, we said good bye and they took her back. She was in holding for two hours before her surgery started. About 45 minutes after we were notified that that the surgery had started, the doctor came out. I almost lost my mind. It was so fast something had to be wrong.

But they were already done! Everything went very easily. She lost very little blood. But she would be in ICU because of the medication they were giving her. When I arrived Thanksgiving morning, she was sitting up and joking. In fact, she got to come home early yesterday afternoon! It was amazing! She and my family were so blessed! She continues to do better each day, and I haven’t stopped praying. So sadness was over come by hope and faith.

This week is extra stressful because the majority of my goals have gone out the widow. I haven’t exercised all week, my blogging was non-existent, and I haven’t read my Bible since Monday. I have gone on a date and did my savings account but I feel spiritually drained because I have lost my way for the week. But I am starting over now and getting back on track. That’s the great thing about this journey; I had always got back on.


New Adventures of Old Danielle

November is the official month of thanks. On social media networks, I see daily stats from my friends stating what they are thankful for: jobs, support system, kids, transportation, and the like. Thus is a great month to reflect on God’s mercy and the blessings he has rained on us and prayerfully will continue in the future. I challenge you to daily journal  the things that you are thankful for and when things look bleak, go back and look. It will definitely put things in perspective.

I was planning to do seperate blogs for the couple of radical moments that I’ve had in the past several weeks but I decided to bundle them in one massive blog.

My first radical moment revolves around my car. I went to a local tire and auto shop where I got an oil change. After doing the oil change, they gave me a courtesy check which basically gives you a rundown of the things that needs to be changed or replaced and how much they would charge. So, they gave me the sheet and it showed me that I would be needing new tires, an air filter, rear light bulbs, and etc. The service and labor turned out to be around $400. Yikes!! Soo, I paid for my oil change and thanked the worker for my courtesy check. I decided what I would do is to change the things that I could and pray/save up for the rest. My first task was to change my air filter. My brother showed me where it was and how to do it. So, I went to the auto shop and picked up my air filter, $7.69 (it was quoted $19.99 on the courtesy check) and when I got home, I installed it for FREE (labor was quoted as $13). After changing my air filter, I felt like:


As consumers, how many times are we overcharged simply because we don’t know and it we don’t research. As Christians, how many blessings are blocked or passes over because we do not seek HIS word, because we do not ask?

Second Radical Moment: I started  a new job at a Day Rehabilitation for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. It’s only been a week but I’m really enjoying my time there. No day is the same. I haven’t seem them at their worst but everyday I’m praying and believing that everything that I go through gives me tools to use for my purpose in God’s Kingdom. These ladies and guys have already been teaching me how to really enjoy the simple things. No matter what their limitations may be, they  are happy. They remind me that we as brothers and sisters in Christs are more alike than different. This statement was brought home by an event that happened this Friday, Nov. 16. There was a Thanksgiving dance that was given for the individuals with different disabilities ranging from pre-teen to senior citizens. I was so surprised how similar it was to parties that I attended during my college days. There were cliques who were taking group pictures. There were guys posted up on the wall. There were attention seeking girls who were shaking what they mama gave them, and it was guys who stayed on the dance floor and danced to every song. I got unwanted attention. It was a typical dance. Again, we are more alike than we are different.

Third and Last Radical Moment:
Public Speaking. I dislike public speaking. My close friends are probably laughing at the previous statement because around them, my mouth is never closed…lol. But speaking in front of crowds gives me anxiety. A month ago, the church Secretary called and asked to do the welcome and occasion for our annual pastor’s anniversary. My first thought was NO but YES came out of my mouth. This moment was radical for me because most times, I would fret from the day I was told til the actual day but this time, I just wrote the speech a couple of days before Sunday. I read it to my mom one time and read it over a couple of times Sunday then when the time came, I did it and it was done. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I read my speech fast. But, I did it.

Happy Turkey Day!

Still Pushing with Thanksgiving in my Heart,



27 People I am Thankful For~Audrey

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. David
  3. Leesa
  4. James
  5. Kelly
  6. Elias
  7. Kim
  8. Sylas
  9. Renee
  10. Daniel
  11. Pam
  12. Beyondai
  13. Gem
  14. Danielle
  15. Venus
  16. Jason
  17. Kristy
  18. Rebekah
  19. Kim
  20. Lori
  21. Shelia
  22. Anna
  23. Toni
  24. Wayne
  25. Susan
  26. Donald
  27. Frances


2 Events ~Venus

So on Tuesday, 2 powerful events happened..The 1st event involved a celebration my celibacy. I’ve been celibate for 2 yrs.  Praise God! It hasn’t been an easy journey. I’m going to be honest, I have been having “urges” lately..It’s not even funny. I haven’t acted upon them…However, a part of me wants know the cost of it won’t be worth it  (spiritual cost). I’m hoping that I can be married within 2 yrs because I don’t know how much longer I can desires  are growing primarily for companionship and a career. On the 28th of this month, it will be 7 months that I’ve been single. The singleness has been hard to deal with but it has gotten better. I know what I need/want relationship wise. I’m praying for God to keep me. I’m doing my best to wait on him. =)

The 2nd event was voting. Of course, ya’ll know that Tuesday was Election Day. This was my 2nd time voting.  I was an undecided voter for this election. I don’t consider myself as a full Democrat or Republican. There are some views that I agree and disagree w/ both parties. I missed out on a lot when it came to most important things before the election such as the  presidential debates and  the Republican Party/Democratic Party Conventions. I missed out on it due to me being at work when  they came on. I tried to play catch up by at least viewing the plans of both President Barak Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney. It was a lot to read so umm I glanced at some of my friends told me to look at the issues that are most important to me on both sides and then that will make it easier for me to decide..I ended up making a decision. However, it was a hard one. I stared at my ballot for a very long time.  lol!

I have a really quick funny story..On Election Day, I went to the wrong place (the AU Hotel) to vote..Smh..I got up early that morning  just so I could vote. I’m so not a morning person!  The funny thing is I looked up the location that I was supposed to vote at before I went to bed that morning. All I remembered was that I was supposed to go to a hotel to I went the wrong location they directed me to another hotel  (the Lexington) which is down the street from my apt. So I ended up going to the right place and voting! =) Later on that night, I found out the President Obama got re-elected! This election was a really close race.  I almost thought that our president wasn’t going to win.

I don’t have anything else to write..So I guess this is the end of this post! lol! God bless!



We Are the Walking Dead~Audrey

In my continued goal to continue my spiritual journey by reading the Bible and other religious works, I am enjoying non-fiction more than I ever thought. The latest in my readings? Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.

This is an excellent book about what it truly means to follow Christ. So many people are fair-weather fans, but Christ longs for followers. The book tackles these issues simply and with humor. I learned a lot from reading this book but the biggest component that stuck with me? That Jesus asks us to die for him.

We live in a world where we follow Jesus only if it makes us comfortable. We must step outside our comfort zone to follow Jesus. Idleman points out that when Jesus asked us to take up the cross, he did not intend for us to be comfortable. The cross was a sign of humiliation, suffering, and ultimately death. Jesus lived through the literal translation of the cross and we have to take up the metaphorical one.

Jesus’ invitation is take up our cross daily, so we have to choose to die daily. The idea of any kind of death is scary but Idleman points out that the dead don’t think about Earthly worries; they have fully surrendered to themselves and God.

I don’t die daily. But I have my moments. But moments aren’t enough. I have to live my life for Jesus with him at the center. It’s easy to get confused and become obsessed with family, the job, the money, the things, the trips. While we are often given these rewards, it should be the work we do with Jesus that earns them. With him, every one of those things is better.

As Jesus’ disciples we are to take up the cross each day. To steal a line from the best zombie comic book ever: “WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!” We should live our lives not based on this worldly needs and goals; this is the death we should make.

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn and Tony Moore

So how to be the Walking Dead? Do something outside your comfort zone that Jesus calls you to do. Help a stranger, make a donation, speak about God outside of your house, adopt animal from a humane shelter, anything that makes the world a better place. Some of these ideas might seem foolish but everything that you do out of love for those that live on this earth is helping you become the Walking Dead.So I have to start with myself. Lately, I have had a myriad of reasons to not take up my cross. I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired, and I’ve been facially strained. But each day I have to decide to pick up my cross. I have to not avoid the parents I loose patients with, I have to give a dollar to the charity at the check out line, and I have to tell any and everyone I am praying for them. Each small step will lead to bigger steps as I die for Jesus.

So I am going to be a Jesus zombie. Not even a gun shot to a head will kill me then!

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I’m a Democrat and A Christian *GASP*~Audrey

I hate election season. People try their hardest to put each other down no matter if it is their Congressmen, their friends, or their family. So many people are not tolerant of other’s beliefs. They make fun of people they disagree with calling them horrible names. This runs rampant, especially in social media. We don’t bother to think that people we know may think and believe different than us.

Last election was especially brutal. People would post demoralizing memes on their bulletin on MySpace or mean statuses on Facebook. People I knew were calling me a “socialist baby killer” right and left. They never once stopped to think about my beliefs and that they were insulting me, someone who was supposes to be their friend.

The other issue, as it always is with elections, is that often Republicans imply that if you are Christian you should vote Republican. Derogatory remarks have been made that no “good” Christian would support the Democratic Party. Many make these claims with only minimal reading and understanding of the Bible. They don’t seem to understand that on many occasions the Bible contradicts itself (primes example? Proverbs 26: 4 & 5). It is up to each Christian to decide what the right interpretation is and what meaning has the most value.

I have no problem with Republicans voting for their party because it lines up with their beliefs. It’s the fact that they assume I can’t be Christian as well that bugs me. I am often quiet about my beliefs; I don’t like to get into fights but I love to talk about the issues in an objective manner. (And yes I have gotten heated and called a few people morons, but I try not to). But it’s time to be silent no more.

I am a Democrat. I am Christian. It is because of my Christian beliefs that I am a Democrat. Here’s why.

I am Protestant because I believe I can directly talk to God, but have no further denomination. I see myself as a Jesus Christ Christian. That seems like a misnomer, but it’s not. If there are concerns about issues, I go to Jesus’ words. If Jesus didn’t say anything about a current topic I go back to this statement:


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”(NIV, John 13:34-35)


Jesus did not care about race, color or gender. He didn’t care who your husband or wife was. He didn’t care if you were young or old. He died for you. He died for EVERYONE. We have been told to love the Lord and love our neighbors– ALWAYS AND NO MATTER WHAT. Because of this I vote Democratically because I believe in equal pay for women, health care for the elderly, marriage for homosexuals, and affordable education for our children.

You are welcome to disagree with me, but please know where I am coming from. I try to love the nation like Jesus loved his disciples: everyone deserving love and respect and equality. In the 1960s, it was proved that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional but our country still has those policies to this day. So I step up and say, No! I want health insurance, marriage, schooling, and equal pay! And I want if for all the Children if God!

I respect that everyone has a view point, so please respect mine. Just because we don’t agree does not mean we can’t get along.