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Update Time _ ***DaniGee***


It has been a minute since I posted but it’s no time like the present to give you all an update on my goals

1. Send 100 pieces of mail. It started off really well but I slacked off after the new year but I do try to send my friends things monthly. I did do Christmas Cards this year which I haven’t done in years.

2. Take my health more seriously. I would have to say, of all of my goals, this would have to be the one that I’m focusing on the most. I have decided this year to take a slow approach to weight loss and healthy living. I am learning the benefits of eating healthy. I am also learning how to be emotionally healthy.I try to be more active on a daily basis. I have set a monthly goal for my pedometer and I limit my soda intake and fast food outings. My focus is making small steps for long lasting results.

3. Gain experience in photography. I have been taking pictures and I have been scouting places in my local community that I think would be awesome locations but I am in need of some models. I also need to join in some beginner photography challenge.

4. On a daily basis, do something that will benefit my dream job. This goal all depends on my feeling for the day. I need to focus more on my future dreams and ambitions and less on feeling sorry for myself for current situations.

5. Make old things new again. Flip 12 items. This has been a slow goal. I am currently working on a project now. I hope to be able to put it on my personal blog page soon.

6. Learn how to sew. I have tutorial pins on my board, Does that count?

7. Grow my business. This is also a slow going goal but I have some new pieces that I’m working on. I hope to add them to the site soon.

This is my canvas Ima paint it how I want it. -JCole

Still Pushing,



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I’m Sorry~Audrey

I am sorry for my part in our schism in college. Nothing is a one way street. Neither one of us acted with the other’s best interest at heart. One of the biggest things is that we were both lied to by an outside force. I forgive you for your part in it and I am sorry for mine. I have a million reasons and excuses but I won’t bother with them. This isn’t about making me feel better, but letting you know that I see what I did. I truly hope your life is going well and that you and your child are as happy as can be.
For all the men that I wronged, I am sorry for when I was stupid, when I was hurting, when I wasn’t in my right mind. I won’t lob bullets but say I am sorry for my inappropriate reactions to things you did.
I am sorry to my current friends who I stand up or need help from. I know you love me anyway. I do really wish that I didn’t have to ask so much of you.
I am sorry that I haven’t accepted any apology that I felt wasn’t for me but that I thought that was just to make people feel better. I am also sorry that these apologies don’t mean that this is time to walk back into my life. God led me to cut you off for a reason but I am sorry when I did not handle it correctly.
I am sorry for a lot. But here I write my words and let them fly away. God asks for confession of my sins and then he forgives me. Here is my confession even if some of you will never read them.

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Stuck Between a Rock & a Hard Place ~Venus~

Hey everyone! Have you ever been in a place in your life where you didn’t know what to do regarding important decisions in your life? That’s me right about now. I have a couple of decisions that I have to make soon.

One of the decisions I have to make is where I’m going to live in the fall. The apartments that I currently live in is increasing the rent the fall. I’m not sure of if I’ll have the funds to cover the rent, power bill, & water if I decide to stay where I am. If I decide to move, I have to enough money to cover rent, a security deposit, & an application fee. So I feel torn right now because I don’t know what to do. I have an Apartment Finder book so that’s a start in the right direction.

I’m also trying to figure out whether or not I should buy a car right now. A part of me wants to buy one but I don’t think it’s the right move at the moment. The final decision I have to make is how to jump start my career. That is ongoing. It seems like everything at the moment is about money. Money to move, money to have a car, & having a career that provide good income. Ugh I hate important decisions! I just want to make the right ones! Pray for me! God bless!


Written on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015